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Making the world smart.

SMAVOO helps you to automate your processes. SMAVOO helps you to automate your processes and makes your company smart.
Want to learn more about e bring along our powerful sensors and help you to automate your processes.
Try us out for free. We bring along our powerful sensors and help you to automate your processes.
How does SMAVOO work?
We are a full service provider offering IIoT devices, an IIoT platform and ERP connectors to integrate SMAVOO into your IT landscape.

Our Solution:
Get valuable insights through our powerful IIoT devices that can measure, analyze and collect data for your business as well as your processes.
Increase your industry understanding with our IoT platform and stay one step ahead by keeping an eye on the latest data and information of your business.
Integrating out IoT devices and platform in your company, system landscape and processes. Making your company smart was never ever so easy and fast.
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Just type your contacts
It's totally free
Everyday we work hard to make your company smart
We are building state of the art devices. Reliable and industry prooven.
Full Service
Get the SMAVOO full service from hardware, software and support. We make your life easier.
We build state of the art sensors that connect to Wifi, Bluetooth, Radio / LORA or GMS (SIM card).
We start with a free pilot. No risk, just try us and we will make your company smart.
Fast, easy, perfect.
We provide fast solutions that integrate perfect in your IT landscape. Fast and easy.
We make you happy
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
Why we are a perfect fit.
We help digitize your business processes and services to power excellent customer journeys. We start by identifying and assessing the most valuable processes. Our deep industry and technical experience helps uncover the priority solutions that will create the biggest impact for your customers and business.
Try us out for free. We bring along our powerful sensors and help you to automate your processes.
Good service for all businesses
Our IoT platform helps you to make it easy to load and analyze all information and provide the ability to manage your devices. Now you can focus on enhancing your processes.We ensure that you have the highest quality of data. All information is multilingual that means you can use it in different languages making it international rollouts fast and easy.
Some of our use cases
You can choose between standard or custom solutions. As a hardware and software manufacturer we can build every solution for you. Making your company smart was never so easy. Just get in touch.
Building state of the art eKanban solutions for logistic and production. Helping to increase efficency and transparency in the supply chain. Our Wifi and Radio solutions makes eKanban plug and play.
Our GSM and LORA devices help you to get all required informaton of your business in real time. You have the overview of your fleet, products, tools and process.
RFID and scanning solutions an be used to bring new efficency to your company. Wearables can also improve your process in picking for example.
Try us out for free. We bring along our powerful sensors and help you to automate your processes.
Why choose us
Our main goal is to make the your company better.
Transparency of your proccesses
You do not need to waste time by checking manual the status of your product, the process or supply chain. Our sensors collect all relevant data and start workflows automatically like ordering material, tracking your asset or sending an eMail to your suppplier. SMAVOO makes life easier.
Friendly user experience
Our solution is user friendly and easy to use. We provide our platform in different languages so you can use your native language in every company or factory. We can also provide advanced trainings and consulting to find the perfect solution for you.
Save money by automating your processes
You will save money by using our solutions. Automating your processes will help you to focus on the core value of your company. We help you in automating the manual work and make your process faster and more reliable.
Try us out for free. We bring along our powerful sensors and help you to automate your processes.
Contact us!
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with you.
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Make your company smart.
Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realise just at the moment when you decided to win with SMAVOO.
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